Food Hub Development Task Team

Since the successful publication of the New London County Food Hub Feasibility Study, the Food Hub Development Task Team is focused on facilitating the Phase I steps for starting a food hub, as outlined in the study. Specifically, the Food Hub Development Task Team is working on the following Phase I items:

  • Brokering sales through an online marketplace
  • Executing distribution between producers and buyers
  • Branding, marketing and consumer education
  • Critical value chain facilitation services that will enable the expansion of supply over time
  • Wholesale readiness training, in partnership with organizations such as UCONN Extension, Farm to Institution New England (FINE) and organizations
  • Food safety support, helping growers institute on-farm food safety plans and pursue GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification.
  • Demand and production planning, working with producers to plan their production to meet the stated needs (both product type and volume) of interested buyers and help

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