We are community members collaborating in support of a healthier food system.



The New London Food Policy Council (NLCFPC) will transform the region's food system for improved health outcomes through policy advocacy and program innovation, alignment, and support.



The NLCFPC will ensure that affordable and nutritious food is accessible by all residents of the county.



The NLCFPC will reduce food insecurity, maintain and improve diet-related health, and support local, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible agriculture in New London County.

The New London County Food Policy Council (NLCFPC) is a shared leadership initiative striving to ensure that affordable and nutritious food will be available to all people throughout New London County. We recognize that every New London County resident should have access to an adequate supply of healthy, affordable, safe, and culturally-appropriate food. We will work to transform the food system by developing a local capacity to study and promote mission-critical policy in all of its dimensions: local, regional, state, national and international.  

We are one of many Food Policy Councils founded across North America in recent years. To learn more about the Food Policy Council concept, click here. To learn more about the need for food policy work in New London County, read our section on Mapping and Framing the Work.